Android 5.01 unlocking news

Android 5.01 unlocking news

by in updates at April 2, 2015, 2:48 am

An update about unlocking Android 5.01
So a few weeks ago Android 5.01 was announced and we've been seeing some phones with this version already so we wanted to provide an update about unlocking this version for the difference models.

Android 5.01 comes with a bunch of new security features that are making our job again more difficult, and not just like any other security update the Google programmer really stepped it up this time. Our first recommendation right now if you have Android 5.01 Use Unlock by Codes service. If you can't or just don't want to then please read on...

I9105 and M919 can be downgraded partially. So to unlock these models (like like 4.4.2 for I9505) you will need to downgrade the modem with a special file (available from our download server) and then you can unlock them without problems. The T999 however can't. This is because the T999 has a bootloader lock flag so downgrading even just the modem is impossible.

That's it so far, more info to follow when it comes in!
Happy unlocking!

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