Added hundreds of new Samsung models!

Added hundreds of new Samsung models!

by in updates at August 19, 2016, 5:22 pm

So if you haven't noticed yet, the unlock by codes services have been very unstable lately...

A service goes offline we are promised it will be back soon, then it isn't... a new service becomes available and another goes away again. Very frustrating we understand, and we apologies if this causes delay in your order we're working to find best solution for each (of the luckily just few) customers who are experiencing this issue...

BUT there is an alternative
As always there is also unlock by cable, our servers keep on running without any problem or hiccup!

Now we were a bit behind ('bit' is a HUGE understatement) on updating the site with all latest models our software supports and we just added all of them...

So we literally just added HUNDREDS of new models that you can unlock via our software to the site! So go check it out, chances are that your model is there too and you can go do your Samsung unlock with minutes.

All the best,
samUnlock Team (yes we are changing names :) )

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