Unlock Samsung is going Open Source (100% free) (UPDATED)

Unlock Samsung is going Open Source (100% free) (UPDATED)

by in News at April 1, 2016, 3:48 pm


We received a ton of emails from people asking if it was real or not, and of course some people already noticed the date in the comments below.. yes it was a joke :)

So we're not making all our hard work, years of reverse engineering Samsung phones free BUT we are giving you a kick-ass discount (NO joke this time!): APRIL1

The discount code is valid for the first 100 takers and valid on ALL products and it will give you a discount of 20%!

BIG announcement!
After a very long deliberation wiht our team and some arm twisting of the developments we have decided to make all UnlockSamsungOnline's software and services 100% Open Source!!

This means Samsung unlocking will be 100% free for everybody to use. Starting from tomorrow you will be able to download the source code and use our unlock by code services as much as you like.

Happy Unlocking!

P.S. please share this message with your friends so everybody knows!

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