How to Save a Significant Amount of Money on Your Mobile Phone Bill?

By sim unlocking your Samsung mobile phone!

"Many people don't fully understand the concept of sim unlocking a mobile phone and often ask themselves why do this? If you are one of those people OR you just want to know more ways on how to save money on your phone bill keep reading -->"

We have listed 10 reasons why you should sim unlock your mobile phone with If you encounter words or phrases unknown to you scroll down to the the bottom of this page. We've added some links to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) with explanations of the most common terms used with sim unlocking. Of course you are also free to always contact our support with any questions you might have!

  • 1

    Eliminate Roaming Fees
    Roaming charges can drastically increase your mobile phone bill every month.

    These roaming charges are based on either your current cell phone contract or the limits of service areas that your provider offers.

    Unlocking your mobile phone can eliminate roaming fees by allowing you to change the SIM to lower priced networks or local networks when traveling

  • 2

    Increase Resale Value
    When you decide to upgrade to a new phone, it also time to sell your old one.

    Unlocked mobile phones are easier to sell and up to 50% more valuable than a locked one because they are compatible with more networks, which means there will be more potential buyers for your phone.

    Note some websites mention that the resale value goes up with 200 or even 300% this is of course complete nonsense.

  • 3

    Save money by using cheaper telecom providers
    With an unlocked mobile phone you can change carriers without buying a new phone.

    This means you can take advantage of the best service package for your current needs. And when your needs change, you can change providers.

  • 4

    The secret trick providers don't want you to know!
    All prepaid phones have a simlock because these phones are cheaper then they should be. The providers 'sponsor' these phones because they will earn the money back when you use their network to make calls, and as we all know prepaid calling is expensive. So this neat little trick allows you to buy a cheap phone and still call cheap.

    What you do is buy a prepaid Samsung phone and unlock it using our SRS online unlock service. Then get a cheap sim-only contract and use that SIM in your simlock free Samsung!

  • 5

    Being able to use dual sim adapters
    When your phone is unlocked, there is the possibility of using a dual SIM adapter, which allows your phone to have two SIM cards in the same handset.

    This makes your cell phone a much more versatile tool, for example you can separate work and leisure calls. Switching SIM cards can become as easy as turning your cell phone off and on again. You are in complete control of your mobile phone!

  • 6

    Increase your service area
    Being free of any provider restrictions allows you to increase your area of service without roaming charges by choosing a provider which offers better coverage in the area where you are the most.

    This is what they call 'Provider freedom' :).

  • 7

    Global Connections
    Unlocking your phone may also enable dual, tri or even quad band functionality on your mobile handset.

    This means that your cell phone will be usable in even more countries around the globe as well as being a more valuable resale item. There is no longer any reason to own more than one cell phone handset.

  • 8

    One-time event
    Works for the life time of the phone. So the small investment to unlock your phone using our service will last you a life time and will save you a lot of money!

  • 9

    Specially designed for consumers
    A lot of unlocking solutions are designed to be used in shops by professionals. Our solutions are specially designed for end users to make it as easy and fast as possible and above all 100% safe!

    Above all we offer you the best of both worlds; Unlock by cable (instant) and Unlock by Codes (by IMEI) for which no cables nor software is needed!

  • 10

    We guarantee our service
    If you fail to unlock / repair a phone using the correct cable (if needed) and the function you are trying to use is supported by the product you bought as written on this website we will 100% refund. For exact refund rules check here

    UnlockSamsungOnline 100% satisfaction

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Terms and phrases explained

Simlock Click here to read what unlocking / a simlock exactly is
IMEI A 15 - 17 digit unique number (per phone world wide) to identify the phone on the telecom network
Unlock by Cable vs
Unlock by codes (by IMEI)
Both are very different ways to unlock your phone read about the pro's and con's