Unlock by Cable versus Unlock by Codes
We understand that for you the differences between the 2 unlock methods might not be 100% clear so on this page we compare the 2 methods so you can make an informed choice about which unlock method is best for you.

We recommend you to first Select your Samsung to check which of our products supports your Samsung model!


  • Instant Sim Unlock
  • All GSM Models Supported
  • Needs Cable
  • Software Installation
  • Driver Installation
  • Worldwide Unlock
  • Needs Rooting
  • Region Unlock
  • GSM/CDMA (Hybrids) Supported
  • CDMA Supported

Unlock by Cable

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 6

Unlock by Codes

  • 4
  • 5

1: Make sure phone is NOT hardlocked. When you start the phone with non-orginal simcard you should see a input field and 2 buttons: 'Unlock' and 'Dismiss'. If phone is hardlocked you will need to change firmware first.
2: Most Samsung models with Android version 4.3 and lower are rooted automatically by our software. Other models will need manual rooting.
3: strongly depends on model and version! Contact support in doubt!
4: always choose the region where phone is simlocked (NOT where you want to use it). We currently do have a WorldWide service in BETA.
5: depends on the service; make sure to read product / service description Also if phone does NOT have a simlock but only a region lock it will result in a 'not found' email thus not work. If in doubt contact support!
6: limited! Some Sprint & Verizon models are supported but when in doubt contact support!

Unlock Method Final Words

Unlock by cable
Unlock by cable is the quicker and cheaper option with more features but does require some computer knowledge to install and use our software. We have step-by-step instructions to make it as easy as possible but you need to know on how to install drivers and how to find your device manager.

Unlock by codes
Unlock by codes is the easiest unlock method with zero effort. If you can turn on a computer you can unlock your Samsung using this method. It also offers an unlock method for the very newest Samsung models not yet supported for unlock by cable.