Remember how happy and excited you felt when you unpacked your new Samsung I727R from it's box?
But soon you found out that your product is limited by a simlock and you can't choose to use it as you did you just spend hundreds of dollars on a product you don't even really own?!

Discover how easy you can remove this restriction and make your Samsung I727R 100% YOURS!
Find yourself with an simlock free Samsung I727R with our guaranteed super easy, fast and proven Unlock by Codes Service. We unlock the phones others don't and on top of that for the best prices!

Start with our no-risk, no obligations IMEI check by filling out the information about your phone below under step 1.

Important warning!!!
If you have a Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3 OR your Android version is Android 4.4 (KITKAT) read this;
All SAMSUNG devices manufactured after the date of JULY 2013 and Samsung devices running on Android with version Android 4.4 (KITKAT) are subject to REGION LOCKING If your phone has been used previously with the original carrier, this will not apply to you. However, if your device is BRAND NEW, your must activate it with the original carrier. If your Samsung device becomes Region locked, you will not be able to fully factory Unlock your Samsung devices so it can be used internationally. Even the correct code will not work anymore. In order for your Samsung device NOT to be region locked, you MUST activate (FIRST USE) your S3, S4, NOTE 2, NOTE 3 with your ORIGINAL carrier at least ONCE to take your region lock OFF (make at least ONE phone call for min 5 minutes!). After your Region lock is off, you can Sim Unlock your device via Unlock Code.

*All Canadian Carriers are NOT subject to Region Locking
*All USA and European Carriers ARE subject to Region Locking
*There will be absolutely no refunds, if your device is Region Locked and an Unlock code is provided for your Samsung Device.
*If you are not sure please contact us first before placing your order

Step 1 - Free Samsung I727R unlock Check

Check your Samsung Unlock Codes availability
Enter the following information below to Instantaneously check if your Samsung Unlock codes are available for FREE

Please select the region where your Samsung is simlocked (where the phone is purchased) - NOT where you want to use it. If your region is not in the list it is not supported, in that case check out: Unlock by Cable.

Type *#06# on your phone, enter only the first 15 DIGITS (no other characters)

Important: Unlock by Codes is ONLY for GSM phones. NOT for CDMA models (SHV & SCH)! With exception of our new Unlock by codes service for USA Sprint & Verizon locked phones.

Why unlock your phone

Why unlock the simlock of your Samsung Mobile with us:

How does it work

Samsung unlock by codes (also known as Samsung unlock by IMEI) service is based on geographical regions. This is the reason you first need to select the region where your Samsung is simlocked and why prices are different per region. We will always provide all level unlock codes and we do not retrieve unlock codes from the operators as these NEVER provide unfreeze codes. We always provide: 1. Network unlock codes (NCK) 2. Service Provider unlock code (SPCK) 3. sub provider unlock code (CP) 4. Unfreeze / Defreeze code (MCK).

After purchasing we will instantly send you your SRS login (username + password) to the email address used to make the payment (make sure you can receive our emails and check your spam + junk). In this email we provide the login and an URL (website address) to submit your IMEI. You can instantly login and submit your IMEI. After the submission of your IMEI the processing time, mentioned when selecting region above, begins. When your IMEI is processed we will send the unlock codes + instructions to the same email address.

Note the indicated delivery time is a real time calculated average over the last 10 orders. So this time is a valid indication of the delivery time but it can also be faster or a little slower.

I've seen other sites offer 'instant' unlock, why don't you?
Good question! And let me explain you why.
Many sites claim 'instant unlock code delivery' but aren't that instant at all, and still take 30 min - 1.5 hour or longer to deliver. We could also write something like 'INSTANT delivery between 9:00 and 17:00 GMT +7'. As in this time frame unlock codes are often delivered under 5 minutes.. However we don't want to participate in these marketing tricks as this all depends on time zone's, working hours and even holidays. Which means for many people the delivery is NOT instant

We are honest and transparent and we show the realtime calculated average delivery time over the last 10 orders to give you a very accurate estimate of unlock code delivery.

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