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Welcome to the Free stuff page at This page is dedicated to give you a quick overview for all our free services.

All these services have cost us hours upon hours of developing and researching Samsung mobile phones and we give them away for free as a thank you to the Samsung fan community and as a thank you for your support to the Simlock Remote Server brand.

We hope you like our free services

  • 1

    Free Android Rooting & Unrooting
    Super popular software which supports over 7000 Android models and already rooted over 50.000 phones! Free rooting service by

  • 2

    Free phone lock Removal
    Remove the phone lock (a.k.a. user code or security code) from your Samsung for free! Free phone lock removal

  • 3

    Free pattern lock bypass
    Locked out of your Android Samsung? Bypass your pattern lock using this solution pattern lock bypass by

  • 4

    Free BaseBand Repair
    Fix 'baseband unknown' problem. Also needed for IMEI repair. Baseband repair by

  • 5

    Free simlock removal
    What, free Samsung sim unlocking? Yes it is possible! More info inside! Free sim unlocking by

  • 6

    Free product code changer
    Update your Samsung with KIES to any region by changing the product code Free product code change by