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1 x Samsung unlock by cable

Listed Price: 19.97 USD
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Required cable(s):
There are currently 55 accounts left.

Product Rating: out of 5 based on 121 product reviews from ReviewCentre

Product features
  • Read unlock codes
  • Repair phone freeze
  • User code reset
  • Brute force unlock
  • Patch unlock
  • Direct unlock
  • Product code change
  • Baseband Repair
  • Relock to Any
  • Relock to Original
  • Region unlock
  • Windows XP / 7 / 8
  • Stable Internet
  • Supported Cable(s)
Start saving money on your Mobile Phone Bill Now and get your Exclusive Simlock Remote Server Samsung Unlock account and find yourself with an unlocked phone in no-time.

With 1 SRS account you will be able to:

  • Instantly Sim Unlock all existing Simlocks (NCK, SPCK, PCK, MCK)
  • Repair 'Phone freeze' and 'Phone locked, return for service' messages
  • Debrand*

One Samsung gsm by cable

Free bonus: Phone lock reset*, Pattern Lock bypass*, Product Code Change, BaseBand Repair*.

Unlock time: +/- 10 minutes

* When available for your model (contact support to check if you want this!)
** This account does NOT serve for IMEI repair!

New security warning::
Android1 (I9300, N7100, I9500 Android version 4.1.2+): Not supported (EFSv2) - use unlock by codes

OMAP5 models (I747, I337, T999, I9200, I919x etc) Android 4.3 and higher need manual root for unlocking!

1 x Samsung unlock by codes Europe

Listed Price: 24.99 USD
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Required cable(s): No cable needed

Product Rating: out of 5 based on 121 product reviews from ReviewCentre

Product features
  • Unlock by codes
  • Unfreeze by code
  • Region unlock
  • Internet
  • Samsung locked in Europe
Sim Unlock & Unfreeze one Samsung gsm by codes. No need for cable or software!

Discover how easy it can be to remove the simlock of your Samsung GSM, this proven unlock method will get your Samsung unlocked guaranteed.

This service is only for phones locked in any of the European countries!

Delivery time: Instant to max few hours

*IMEI's are only processed during the week, not in the weekend.